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About Us

The Real Aspen

Aspen’s reputation for flash and drama is more mythology than reality. Community matters here. It stems from our Old West heritage, when cattle ranchers and farmers and horse people relied on each other to weather the storms (literally!). That spirit is still very much alive here in town, whether you’re raising a family or simply seeking a refuge to recharge your batteries.

Given our roots here, you could say we’ve been around the block – or mountain – more than once. This ain’t our first rodeo, so to speak. We insist on working with our clients in ways that value their time and protect their privacy. It is always in the best interest of everyone involved to handle matters of lifestyle, personal finance and family with the utmost discretion. It may sound old-fashioned, but we believe real relationships are built on trust, and we work hard to earn and protect the trust of our clients.

One Part Broker. One Part Guide.

When you’re heading into the mountains, it always helps to have a seasoned guide who can help you navigate around potential hazards. In matters of local politics, permitting, zoning & land use, we serve as our clients’ go-to resource for the information and answers they need to make smart decisions in a timely manner.


Our Team

Lorrie B. Aspen
Lorrie B. Aspen Owner/Broker

As a part time Aspen resident since 1955 and a full time resident and REALTOR since 1979. I have seen some changes here! Dirt streets - a single chair with canvas covers for warmth - all great memories! Actually, Aspen still has a similar feel - small town, real community, caring people!

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