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Getting to Know Lorrie B

The Closer: 8 Figure Deals? No problem.

Lorrie B. Winnerman: Selling the Aspen Dream for over 30 years.

“Lorrie B.” Winnerman skis 50 days a year and still manages to be one of Aspen’s top producing real estate brokers and owner of her own boutique firm, Lorrie B. Aspen Real Estate. As a longtime Aspen local who grew up skiing here since she was young, Lorrie B. is independent in more ways than one. She very well might show up to a meeting in her bike clothes or conduct business on the gondola, but it’s the Aspen lifestyle Lorrie B. believes in and that’s what she sells—those multimillion dollar luxury homes are just a bonus.

What was it like growing up in Aspen, and how has it changed?
Aspen, to me, has always been about the outdoors. As a part time resident since 1955 and full time resident and realtor since 1979, I have seen a lot of change. There were dirt streets when I was young, and a single chairlift with canvas covers for warmth. Those are great memories. While Aspen has certainly changed, the core values for the community and the outdoors remain the same.

How did you get into real estate?
My father came back to St Paul, Minnesota after World War II and starting building postwar baby boom housing. I worked in the summers sweeping the houses and washing the windows. I always loved the smell of new construction. I love the smell of wood. My father was killed in an avalanche on backside of Aspen Mountain when I was 28. That’s when I decided that I was going to be in real estate in Aspen and moved here full time in ’79. I wanted to honor my father by running a good business the way he always had and by living my life in the mountains he loved.

In a town dominated corporate real estate offices, how do you maintain your independence?
Because I live and sell my lifestyle, I don’t want required floor time or rules on how much time I have to be in my office. My client base comes from my connections and the relationships I’ve built over the years. You could call me a real estate renegade, doing discreet boutique real estate. Having my own firm allows me to do deals very quietly.

You are known for selling not just real estate but the Aspen lifestyle.
I’ll show up in a ski outfit, or in the summer I’d go to sales calls on my bicycle. I like to take my clients skiing or take them on hikes. I love any excuse to be outside.

You ski 50 days a year and work full time. Does that involve a lot of client meetings on the gondola?
Always! I sell a lifestyle and I love to share it.

What’s next for Lorrie B?
I like the challenge of selling buildings in the commercial core. It’s a new learning experience. I’m also still doing luxury development projects and remodels. I guess I still love the smell of wood.