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I read an article that Aspen is the best summer camp you could ever attend! I guess after 35 full summers here, I am in total agreement. We have a full list of activities to choose from every single day! Besides the incredible hiking, biking, tennis and golf routine, we have all the intellectual and cultural stimulation you desire.

The Food & Wine event last weekend was over the top. Every top chef you see on The Food Channel and Bravo was here. For us foodies, it was nirvana. It was a complete sell out since mid-winter, so next year I will remind you early! Rolls Royce came to town starting with a private dinner with Chef Mei Lin – named the top chef on Bravo this year.

This past weekend was the opening of JAS Aspen celebrating its 25th Anniversary with the Count Basie Orrchestra. Kurt Ellings sang the Frank Sinatra songbook for his 100th birthday remembrance. Chicago played last Saturday night.

Tonight, we will attend the JAS cafe with dinner and the Django Festival Allstars. The nicest part about the JAS organization is that all the National Council Membership dollars fund music in the schools throughout the entire valley.

See the list below for events taking us through Labor Day!!!

REAL ESTATE: The market continues to be “on Fire” – especially any product walking distance to the center of Aspen.


  • 201 N. Mill #3B: A 2,000 square foot, three-bedroom, three and one-half bathroom condominium currently under construction that is avaialble for $6,000,000 – $3,000 per square foot. For the MLS detail, please click
  • 42376 Highway 82: Three (3) new contemporary homes to be built on the river near the Aspen Club. A 4,114 square foot, three-bedroom, three-bathroom plus two powder rooms on a 0.39 acre lot on the river is available for $8,595,000 – always can negotiate with a developer, especially pre-build! For the MLS detail. please click
  • 132 N. Spring Street (River Park Townhome): A 5,340 square foot, five-bedroom, five-bathroom plus two powder rooms redevelopment by Aspen Starwood is scheduled for completion December, 2015 available for $12,500,000 – $2,340 per square foot. For the MLS detail, please click


  • 1419 Crystal Lake Road – Aspen Club: The original developer’s home of 7,976 square feet on 1.03 acres on the river. It was just re-listed for $14,000,000, but the word is the owner is ready to go. Also, the Aspen Club will be digging their new townhomes on the river, so I think you could really “steal” this one. For the MLS detail, please click

If you are a seller, I will help you stage and give you suggestions how to update for the most value.

If you are a buyer, I can show you bargains that have not been updated which will literally save you hundreds of thousands to several million if you have the energy and vision.

Don’t hesitate, it really is happening now!

JUNE STATS ASPEN 2015 vs. 2014 :
$0 – $2,000,000: 11 for $ 10,750,000 vs. 2 for $ 1,360,000
$2,000,001 – $4,000,000: 7 for $ 18,475,000 vs. 5 for $13,092,500
$4,000,001 – $6,000,000: 3 for $ 13,875,000 vs. 1 for $ 5,650,000
$6,000,001 – $8,000,000: 2 for $ 14,450,000 vs. 1 for $ 6,650,000
$8,000,001 – $10,000,000: 0 for $ 0 vs. 1 for $ 8,175,000
Over $10,000,001: 0 for $ 0 vs. 0 for $ 0
TOTAL: 23 FOR $57,550,800 vs. 10 for $34,927,500

$0 – $2,000,000: 8 for $ 9,559,000
$2,000,001 – $4,000,000: 4 for $11,290,000
$4,000,001 – $6,000,000: 1 for $ 4,750,000
$6,000,001 – $8,000,000: 1 for $ 6,395,000
$8,000,001 – $10,000,000: 0 for $ 0
Over $10,000,001: 1 for $12,950,000 :
TOTAL: 15 for $44,944,000

Feel free to contact us for any specific information.

NEW ASPEN REAL ESTATE WEBSITE: Created by the Aspen Board of Realtors so that the public can search Aspen MLS properties in real time versus or Zillow or other websites like those that do not have accurate MLS information. Please click for the website & give us your input on the website.

Call us now for any listing, selling, staging, development or rental questions!

My best regards,

Lorrie B. Winnerman