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570 S. Riverside Drive

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Meet Lorrie Winnerman

570 S. Riverside Drive,
Aspen, CO 81611

As a longtime Aspen local with over $600M in sales in the last 17 years, Lorrie is entrenched in the Aspen real estate market, especially off-market deals and selling the mountain lifestyle that she loves. She specializes in pocket listings and exclusive inventory. Lorrie has always helped her clients discreetly buy and sell real estate. If you can’t find the perfect home, let Lorrie look for you.

As a part-time Aspen resident as a child and a full time resident and REALTOR since 1979, Lorrie has seen significant changes and growth to the Roaring Fork Valley. Prior to starting her own firm in 1997, Lorrie was one of the top-producing realtors in the state for RE/MAX. Lorrie started Lorrie B Aspen and Associates to provide the highest level of service to her clients. 

Many of Lorrie’s clients came from “old timers” who were friends of her parents.  Those contacts have been invaluable whether you need signatures from committee members for a new plat or finding the owner of an unlisted property! One of her best referrals was a young family from Chicago who bought a home on Red Mountain. After a few years, her client asked about updating the untouched commercial core of Aspen. He had a genius vision. The first property she sold him was at the beloved Aspen fountain across from the Wheeler Opera house. Then, he asked her to “go after” the unlisted Gap building on Galena. The owner did not like the price he offered and therefore Lorrie discussed 1031 trade properties in other states with higher income returns which was a win-win. He had never heard of that concept. The end result was a happy buyer AND seller! The next sale was with the historic Crystal Palace building at the corner of East Hyman and Monarch Avenue. That is now being rebuilt as the Restoration Hardware Boutique Hotel which will be the second one in America, right here in our little town! The old Aspen Daily News Building sale, another unlisted property, took a lot of hand holding and discussions, but again was a real win-win outcome for both sides. These transactions take significant lengths of time but with Lorrie’s real estate knowledge and resilience all closed with fabulous results!

Lorrie can help you find your dream home, even if it’s not listed. Contact Lorrie Winnerman.